Holistic Grace is a company passionate about your health and well-being. To help restore your mind, body and spirit back to wholeness, strength & peace

Combining professional massage treatments & handcrafted organic products, with lifestyle changes, Our primary role is as a professional massage practice, as massage is an effective therapy to ease the mind, aid body functions and strengthen the spirit, as well as preventative medicine when used in conjunction with a

healthy balanced lifestyle: a nourishing diet, being physically active, getting back to nature and adopting a positive mental outlook. Massage has benefits for people in all situations and age groups (from fragile and sedentary to the most active of us) using it’s various specialised therapies to achieve relief.

A company based in Randburg. Professional and focused on you, the client, as a whole – to improve your quality of life and functionality, with the knowledge that wholeness can only be found when all aspects of life are taken into account. That every person is unique in their needs; body, mind and spirit.

Founded by Abigail Grace Dawson, internationally accredited massage therapist, development chef in the health industry and skincare products. Who is passionate about people – that everyone deserves full, vibrant lives abundant in energy, fun and joy.

About Abigail Dawson

I’m Abi, I’ve been a Pastry Chef for the past decade or so. It’s been great – allowing me to travel the world, experience different cultures and meet fascinating people. I also watched the products i made take a toll on my client’s health as well as my own – my body began to shout loud and clear (honestly i had ignored the signs for a while) that it was overloaded and acidic and that the sugar and processed flour was making me sick.

Luckily, i had always been fascinated with how the body works – how miraculous it was. Which lead me to studying anatomy and Physiology as well as nutritional science. The more i learnt, the more i wanted to change not only what i was making but also how i was living, I wanted to thrive instead. I took some time and focused on Naturopathy – specifically in Aromatherapy and massage.


I am now baking and developing health food that still tastes great and treating clients with massage in my practice – to help restore people from the outside as well as from within. The body’s ability to heal itself, find balance and positively respond to elements abundant in nature, as well as touch and mindfulness is inspiring. Modern medicine has many advantages – but i believe looking after my body is my responsibility and a privilege.


Prevention is in our hands, whether primary, secondary or tertiary prevention – it’s never too late to start.